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30 May 2018


A self-care online platform for parents developed by a Liverpool company is now being used by Improving Me, the Cheshire and Merseyside Women’s and Children’s Services Vanguard.

The interactive website Lincus Maternity provides mums with an online personal health record and self-management tools, targeting help with smoking cessation, weight management and nutrition.

It also enables parents to share their health record with professionals, to help with management of their pregnancies.

It is based on the Lincus app, a NICE-approved Class 1 medical device, co-designed by Rescon Technologies, originally supported by the Innovation Agency and now used by 3,900 people.

Mother of three Dani Gillett of the Cheshire and Merseyside Maternity Voices group, predicted the platform will provide a welcome boost to parents, particularly those suffering antenatal or postnatal depression.

“When you are at your lowest ebb you don’t know where to turn and GPs and health visitors aren’t always available when you need them. The Lincus app is great as it provides a way of tracking how you feel so you can see if you are improving.

“It helps to be able to see that you are getting better, as it takes time and can add to your feelings of desperation if you think things aren’t improving.”

Dani suffered postnatal depression after her second baby and became an active member of Maternity Voices and of Improving Me.

“The work of Improving Me is absolutely amazing. As a mum you can feel isolated but the work of the Vanguard team is having a big impact and they are involving parents and acting on our ideas and feedback. I have seen real improvements in maternity care in the time between having my baby three and a half years ago and the birth of my daughter Eleanor in 2017.”

The use of Lincus Maternity by parents and clinical teams across Cheshire and Merseyside aims to reduce co-morbidities by ten per cent, creating savings of at least £7.5m per year.

The Lincus Companion app is available on the App Store and you can read reviews on the health app review platform