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Location and Facilities

Where to give birth

You will have a choice about where to have your baby. Your midwife or doctor will be able to tell you what services are available locally and advise you on any issues to do with your health or pregnancy that may affect your choice.

Birthing equipment

You may find that items such as wall bars, mats or beanbags help you to change position and remain comfortable during labour. If you're giving birth in a maternity unit, your midwife will be able to tell you if specific items are normally available. However, you may need or prefer to provide some equipment yourself.

Special facilities

Some units may offer you special facilities such as a birthing pool. Some have special rooms called LDRP rooms (labour, delivery, recovery, postnatal rooms) where you stay in the same room until you leave the hospital, although availability is limited. Your midwife will be able to tell you what's available.