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The Intellectual Property Rights in this web site (, including Copyright, Database Rights and Design Rights, are variously owned by Improving Maternity Experiences (IME), its web site provider: NHS Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit (MLCSU) and the respective IPR owners of other elements as illustrated within the site.

You may make copies of the content published here by IME for your own personal use. You may not make copies for distribution or otherwise re-publish IME's content from this web site unless you acquire, in advance, formal written permission from IME.

The paragraph above does not extend to those materials whose Intellectual Property Rights are owned by the NHS, e.g. the NHS lozenge, or are owned by parties other than IME or MLCSU. In such cases, you must acquire appropriate permissions before using those materials in any way other than browsing this web site.

You must not copy or re-distribute or in any way alter the computer code which makes up this web site unless you have acquired in advance formal written permission from MLCSU.

To request permission to use materials on this site or if you have any questions or comments about this copyright statement, please tell us via our Contact Us page.

Last updated: 18th July 2019.