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Measles in Pregnancy: Webinar and resources

Information on immunisations during pregnancy.

How do vaccines work?

Vaccines help your body’s natural defence system (the immune system) to develop protective antibodies. Antibodies fight disease and produce longer-term protection.

So, if you are vaccinated against a particular disease and you come into contact with it at a later date, your immune system will respond to the infection more quickly.

Vaccination can help prevent disease or make the illness less serious. Antibodies developed while pregnant pass to your unborn baby and help to protect them in their first few months of life.

This leaflet describes the vaccinations that help protect you and your baby during and after pregnancy. 

This is a presentation by NHS England and UKHSA West and East Midlands about Measles in Maternity

Please find links to NHSE and UKHSA guidance below:


NHS England » Guidance for risk assessment and infection prevention and control measures for measles in healthcare settings

UKHSA guidance:

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